I offer services in Executive Search, in aptitude assessment and in new placement. My geographical focus covers Germany, Austria and France.


Full Executive Search: the classic model in Executive Search. I search for as long as it takes to find a suitable candidate. The first payment is due on commissioning of the assignment, the second on presentation of the candidate(s) and the third at the successful candidate’s signing of the contract. I report weekly to my client. A fair model for a close partnership in the search for the best candidate on the market.
The amount of my fee is determined as an all-inclusive fee. This amount is dependent both on the profile of the candidate sought and on the complexity of the Search. Alternative fee schemes are conceivable, depending on the project, as long as they facilitate a fair and constructive collaboration. Please just ask!

Sourcing only: in some cases, my clients wish to delegate only the sourcing of candidates, while the rest of the process remains in-house. This can make sense for reasons of confidentiality, or because the recruiting team lacks the necessary resources, or because the team does not have the special market or functional know-how for a Search for a specific function. In this case I work on the basis of a daily fee.


I offer an external, independent expert opinion regarding the suitability of employees, for example in the context of issues affecting the personnel development within a company. In this respect I adhere as far as possible to the DIN norm 33430. I use both methods such as direct conversation or exercises and personality questionnaires based on measuring techniques. These methods are of course also used in Executive Search (see above). I am an accredited INSIGHTS MDI® Consultant and use tools for determining behaviour preferences and motivators of candidates – with their cooperation and permission and for their own “positioning”.


In this regard I am usually commissioned by companies parting with their employees, in order for me to support executives with regard to a renewed orientation in the employment market. This ranges from the search strategy, through the structuring and presentation of these individuals’ own documentation, right up to the preparation for and simulation of interviews in the German, English or French language. Here too, tools for the determination of behavioural preferences and motivators can be used.